Audio Narrative

Audionarrative is an Independent recording and audio production company operating out of the East Midlands region of the UK. We produce clear, imaginative and engaging audio content for any media, including TV, Radio, Social Media, Documentaries, Entertainment and Voice-Overs.

We work attentively with our clients throughout the production process and bring your creative vision to life. Our insight and proactive approach will ensure that your media presence makes the desired impact. Audionarrative also has its own voice-over agency, with access to a range of professionally trained voice-over artists. Our accomplished artists can deliver the most appropriate dialects and accents to resonate with and ‘win over’ your audience. Alternatively, if you wish to use your own artist or maintain continuity with an already established artist, we will adapt to meet your needs. East Midlands voices include Derbyshire, Nottingham, Birmingham, Leicester & also Renounced Pronunciation voice-over talent.

Radio Programmes

From serious Documentaries to light hearted comedy, our aim is to deliver vibrant, thought provoking, original content. Is it better to fail in originality than succeed in imitation? Is a poor original better than a good imitation? With sincerity in the narrative and an adventurous imagination, we think we're at least half way there right from the start.

Radio Advert's

We fully produce Radio Adverts, right from the process of scripting to broadcast. We ensure your brands name and call to action is meticulously crafted to have the right impact. We regularly produce advertising campaigns for the following tations: gem 106, Smooth Radio, Capital 95-106 FM, Heart 96-107, Absolute Radio, Kiss 105-108.

Voice Recording service

We deliver crystal clear voice recording. Use your own voice talent or ours. Recordings directed by experienced hand, ensuring the best possible voice delivery for your project.

music library & fx

We hold accounts with the UK's top Music Library's - as used by the BBC, ensuring the most up to date and finest selection of music is at hand to be used on your project. An in-house extensive Sound Library + live recording the right sounds for your project on location - whatever it takes to make things work that much better.

voice Actors Agency

We have some wonderful voice over Artists, from R.A.D.A graduates to professionals working hard in the industry. Browse our site 'HERE' to audition their show-reels and choose who you'd like to use for your project.

post-production services

The editing, engineering and mastering stage of the process is our forte. Our industry trained engineer with two of the finest ears in the business brings everything together to ensure every little nuance of your audio project is put together right for the project and ready for broadcast.

Our Work